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Africa and Akoin – The Future is Now | AIBC Summit 2020

A true inspiration in the tech community: we were privileged to welcome our friend, global superstar Akon, back to the #AIBCsummit! In a panel dedicated to exploring his nominal cryptocurrency Akoin, he spoke about how the venture is a means of giving back by providing a tool for African cities to grow their economy securely and sustainably. Many unbanked regions do not have access to traditional banking systems, and the introduction of a trustworthy cryptocurrency could transform lives.

“Africa’s future and the whole of the developed world know that that there’s a coin that can enhance the unbanked and unconnected – this is the beginning of a real balanced world.” Akon, co-founder, Akoin

Meet the panel:
JON KARAS – President, Co-Founder – Akoin
LYNN LISS – COO, Co-Founder – Akoin
AKON – Co-Founder – Akoin

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