The Revolutionary Akon City

A crypto city? It sounds amazing, and the African future looks bright with the Akon city plan. The Senegalese President Macky Sall and the government is on board with Akon as President gifted land of 2, 000 square acres for the Akon city.

In 2, 000 acres of Akon City, the central currency will be Akoin, and it will be an eco-tourism and sustainable smart city located in Senegal, Africa.

In 2018, the city’s original development plans were announced. In March 2019, the Akon city construction began and is projected to complete in the next ten years. According to the CNN report, it takes five minutes’ drive to reach Akon city from the international airport of Senegal, opened in 2017.

Akon smart city project will be completed in phases. The second phase of development will start in 2025. The city is located at a short drive from the Dakar, Senegalese capital. It will be a proper city with homes, schools, universities, parks, shops, and even a stadium.

From the renderings, the aesthetic of the city is similar to parametrically-designed, biomorphic structures that are usually found in various smart city proposals. There will be two interlocking, sculptural towers at the center of development, with a huge void between them.

While talking to Newsweek, Akon said that if this project succeeds, they will expand it to other countries of Africa as well to connect all the cities. It will bring many new opportunities for African nations.

Akon City Vision

The goal of overarching Akoin crypto is to activate and motivate rising entrepreneurs. It offers a blend of right real-life and digital services and tools to aspiring entrepreneurs. The futuristic Akon city will enable brands to unlock the true virtues behind Africa’s rising economy.

The vision behind the Akoin and establishing the Akon city is:

⦁ Empower: Perhaps, empowerment is the most prominent aspect of Akon’s vision. It will empower consumers, brands, and other businesses by providing opportunities.

⦁ Transform: The Akon city will transform the businesses entirely. To accomplish this aim, it will provide an effective combination of digital as well as real-life experience by marketing together.

⦁ Partner: The Akon city is a platform the values partnership without limiting themselves to only a few. The partnership opportunities will effectively connect various businesses and brands with Africa. Partnership adoption will help to reach out to more brands.

These three main factors of Akon city will provide an exceptionally strong base of crypto to users. Many financial services that were once unbanked to the customers. It has the potential to provide the support that is crucial for fueling Africa’s rising economy.

How “A real-life Wakanda” Will Look Like?

As you know now, Akoin will be the central currency of the city thanks to being part of the blockchain design of Akon city; it’s time to know more about the city.

With the aim of inventing a new way of existence, Akon city combines with leading planning designs of a smart city, integrating with blockchain into the daily business exchange.
Metropolis is intended to be the first city of Senegal with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) certification. The LEED certification was developed by the United States Green Building Council. It encourages the construction of resource and energy-efficient buildings infrastructure that are healthy to live in.

As the Akon city project is publicized as a tourism city, the state-owned tourism company SPACO is co-developing it with Akon. The city is expected to be sustainable without any assistance required from the electricity grid; instead, it will be solar power-based.

Akon already owns the company ‘Akon Lighting Africa.’ The company aims to provide solar power to African nations. Now he can leverage the expertise of his company to make solar power a major booster for the futuristic crypto city.

It is expected that Akon city will become the first city of Senegal to get a LEED certification as it will rely on renewable energy. Once the futuristic city is completed, it will have its own airport for tourists and residents to fly in and out of the city.

It will be truly a digital city.

Posting on Instagram and twitter, Akon announced, ‘Looking forward to hosting you there in future.’

The Potential Impact of Akoin on African Economy

Roughly, 15% population of the entire world belongs to Africa. Taking into account the above and underground resources, it is the most valuable part of the globe. There are 45 African countries with oil reserves.

Besides, the continent holds the majority of the world’s reserves of diamond, cobalt, gold, phosphate, and manganese. When talking about the different power sources, it is blessed with a huge amount of hydroelectric power, geothermal, and solar energy.

With all these natural wealth, one can assume that Africa should be the home for the wealthiest people with the most prosperous countries. But the situation is the opposite. Contrary to the assumption, it is the world’s least developed continent with the poorest countries.

34 out of 54 countries are poorest. Per day living expense of 40% African population is one dollar.
Not just that, Africa has experienced frequent acts of terrorism and civil wars. More than half the population of Africa is under 25.

Despite improvements in internet access and smartphone technology, access to global opportunities and innovation is limited for people. The major dilemma for African entrepreneurs is
⦁ Inflation
⦁ Unstable currency
⦁ And a lack of banking services
Growth of money hamper, trade issues, and need to access a high-quality education are the massive challenges in Africa.

Now, how is Akoin going to impact on the economy of Africa positively?

Here is the Reason

A business technologist journalist, Rakesh Sharma, says that among the largest cryptocurrency markets, Africa is mentioned very rarely. However, it may get an advantage of a cryptocurrency over others.

He further says that those nations who are facing high inflation are more likely to go for cryptocurrency due to their decentralization paradigm. It is because cryptocurrencies will offer a solution to the disastrous policies of the central bank. Moreover, regular blockchain systems do not focus on the interests and needs of individual investors.

Now, the Akoin ecosystem has been designed to create an innovative global project that will boost excellent development and growth opportunities.

The Akoin cryptocurrency is aimed to set a healthy environment for fresh entrepreneurs across the Akion city, then Africa, and gradually all over the world. As said earlier, revenue generation is one of the major challenges in Africa.

Thus, Akoin ecosystem is equipped to spread huge opportunities to generate revenue for the young entrepreneurs. It will also inspire innovation in major industries, such as manufacturing and technology. Utilizing this opportunity will improve and progress the economic stability all over Africa as well as the outer world largely.

Thus, we can say for sure that for the crypto community, it was a great thing to know the launch of Akoin through the stellar blockchain.

The hybrid distributed blockchain of stellar is expected to prove excellent support for Akoin cryptocurrency to fulfill the shared mission and create a financial presence in both Africa and the world out there.

⦁ Easy currency exchange: In African nations, phone minutes are considered a digital currency due to inflation and banking woes.
Due to Stellar incorporation, the Akoin token will comply with the Stellar wallet and interoperable with fiat currencies or digital assets that are compatible with the Stellar network.
The stellar network gained much respect for providing seamless cross-assets value transfers. With this feature, as one of its major aims, Akoin will enable the realization of prepaid minutes. The Akoin users on the platform can swap the minutes for fiat or different currencies.

⦁ Helping the unbanked: Akoin crypto is aimed to support the unbanked niche financially in various African nations and other developing countries as well. Resonating with the mission of Stellar as the network’s goals to help the unbanked.
According to Akoin spokesperson, the Stellar has begun to work with various businesses based in Africa. Hence, it would be massive support for the DApps and micro-loans of Akoin.

⦁ Akoin Token of Appreciation (TOA): On behalf of the Akoin Foundation, Akoin TOA is a unique program and indeed a great initiative. It drives with an aim to yield a minimum of $1 million from the investors.
The harvested money would be used to build the Akoin ecosystem and launching the Akoin crypto coin. As an appreciation note, the donors or investors would get 4 Akoin coins for every single dollar donated or invested during the Token of Appreciation Program period.
The Token of Appreciation would be distributed among various tiers once the target of 1 million is attained.