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Akoin founder Akon at the Future is Now AIBC Summit in Malta 2019.

Akon is the creator of Akoin and crypto city in Senegal called “Akon City and founded Akon Lighting Africa to provide scaled solar power solutions throughout 18 countries to date in Africa, the AKoin Ecosystem’s exclusive suite of sustainability and growth-building crypto-based apps offer immediate and ongoing new revenue generating opportunities to stimulate micro-exchanges and financial stability..

Akoin is a cryptocurrency powered by a marketplace of tools and services fueling the dreams of entrepreneurs, business owners, and social activists as they connect and engage across the rising economies of Africa and beyond with digital and in-real-life platforms and experiences that create opportunity and inclusion for youth entrepreneurs by allowing consumers to buy, hold, and spend cryptocurrency right from their smartphone through a suite of blockchain powered apps.

The AKoin Ecosystem unlocks the potential of the world’s largest emerging economy through the creation of a stable currency and innovative revenue generating opportunities that support youth entrepreneurship, economic stability, and growth across Africa and the world. And while opportunities to buy, hold, and spend Akoin to power youth entrepreneurs on the digital platform and from anywhere in the world are vast, consumers will also be able to engage with AKoin in an entirely new way when they visit the real life Akon Crypto City.

Currently in development, Akon Crypto City the first of its kind is a 100% crypto based city with AKoin at the center of it’s transactional life. This futuristic city built on 2,000 acres of land gifted to Akon from the President of Senegal is within 5 minutes of the new international airport, close to the coast and a short drive from Dakar the capital city of Senegal.

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