The majority of the world knows Akon because of his music, but very few know that the Senegalese singer profoundly speaks about giving back to his people. He actively participates in various humanitarian projects. Akoin and Akon city projects are not the first time he was involved in any cause.

He launched a project back in 2014 running by his name ‘Akon Lighting Africa.’ He wanted to solve the issue of an electricity shortage that is predominant in Africa. Due to this contribution, now 18 countries of Africa have access to solar power solutions.

Akon took the initiative to start up the academy ‘Solektra Int in Mali. The academy provides knowledge and skills that are much-needed to the people of Africa. The enthusiasm of Akon’s for Akoin and Akon city is infectious. His dedication and contribution to this project and the African community cannot be ignored.

When it comes to Akon’s career, his crypto creation, and other humanitarian efforts, he believes in starting the career with what you are good at and not what you like. Build a career and then chase the dream.