Akoin Crypto

Announcing the launch of the AKOIN crypto currency

Hello and welcome to #CryptoWithSanya.

Today, I want to announce the birth of a new cryptocurrency, AKOIN. It has officially begun trading on the global market less than 48 hours ago.

It was originally created by the singer, Akon. If you haven’t heard his music yet, pause this video, and go listen to it.

But more than just a new cryptocurrency, it is also going to be the official legal tender for the 6 billion $ city project, Akon city in Senegal which has been called the real-life Wakanda after the movie Black panther.

It has also been put to the test as a pilot run in the Mwale Medical and Technology City.

the principal investor in the city claims that he is confident that by the end of the year, there will be more than 20, 000 workers paid primarily in Akoin.

That’s all I have for today!

Stay tuned for more crypto news and don’t forget to comment down below on what you would like me to speak about next time.


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